Our Story

about us #1

Rather Lather started really for personal use for my family, both of my children have sensitive skin and eczema, I found it difficult to find products that didn’t irritate their skin. After researching it’s actually shocking at what is contained in the ingredients of products when they claimed to be mild, zero, or baby ranges. I decided to try and make my own natural soap from scratch, so I knew exactly what was going onto their skin.

After a lot of trial and error, I made my first batch of handmade natural soap in our kitchen! And wow, what a difference…


  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free
  • Palm free
  • SLS free
  • Sulphate free 
  • No Synthetic colours
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No petrochemicals
  • Vegan friendly range available
  • More cost effective
Fir needle and avocado and mint shampoo

Long live the skin!

What a difference! Our skin was so much healthier, it felt moisturised as well as clean! There was no skin itching or irritation that had previously always been the case! Not only that, but my skin also looked more youthful. Moisturised as well as cleansed and smelt so fresh, goodbye shower gels, natural soaps was the way to go!


Previously my hair was greasy if i didn’t wash it every day. Now it was thicker, in better condition and the most noticeable difference was not having to wash my hair every single day which I had previously! 

We have now refined a range of sulphate free shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body bars and a shaving bar, all paraben free, SLS free, palm oil free, plastic free, cruelty free and have a range of vegan bars too. All soaps are made using natural quality ingredients so they are gentle and nourishing on skin and hair, not full of rubbish!


Noticeably we had reduced our plastic wastein the bathroom, with increased concerns for the environment and sustainability, I was very aware of the use of plastics and the impact they have. I always recycled but this was making me question how unnecessary this plastic packaging was, our family could literally wash their hair and body with no waste at all!

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Zero plastic. Even down to the sticky tape we use to post out orders.


SO much easier! No liquids at airport security, plus our shampoo bars can be used on your body too, so if you need to travel super light, you only need one bar instead of multiple bottles of shampoo and shower gel.

Orange and honey shampoo


Hang on, let’s get this straight, it’s better for skin, better for the environment and it costs less? Well yes! In my experience and feedback a soap will last us about 5 times what a shower gel would, maybe more. Our small, but extremely mighty conditioner bars are the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of conditioner!

‘’Better for my skin, better for my hair. Eco-friendly & sustainable, plus saves you money! What’s not to love!’’

Present day

We love what we do and we’re growing slowly but surely in a tough climate which we are so appreciative for. As well as our amazing customers, we are also stocked in various retailers and work with a few breweries around the UK on collaborations of beer & honesy shampoo bars as well as coffee roasters on coffee scrub soaps! We’re so grateful to our loyal customers for supporting us and our new customers, we are proud of what Rather Lather has become and without our customers it wouldn’t be here today! Thank you x

We have lots of new products planned for the future. We put so much time and effort into sourcing high quality oils and essential oils, sustainable products and packaging, which is sometimes a challenge but we won’t compromise on making sure our products are good for your skin and eco friendly. We have so much coming up in the pipeline, so keep following us on social media or sign up to our email newsletter for exciting newness to come!




Lindsay & Rather Lather team x