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Shampoochie – Dog Shampoo

(6 customer reviews)

100g bar made with natural oils for clean, soft, fresh-smelling fur, neem oil to naturally repel fleas & tics and mosquitoes as well as lavender essential oil, to relax and calm your pooch

Directions Soap on a rope to put your hand through the loop for ease when washing your dog.

Rinse your pooch with warm water and massage bar directly onto coat to create a rich & creamy lather. Thoroughly rinse and towel dry.




Sodium Olivate (Olive oil), Aqua (Water), Sodium cocoate ( coconut oil) Sodium castorate (Castor oil) Sodium coca butterate ( Cocoa butter) Glycerin (naturally occurring), Melia azadirachta seed (Neem oil) Lavandula angustifolia flower oil (Lavender essential oil)

Weight approx 100g


6 reviews for Shampoochie – Dog Shampoo

  1. Helen Howes

    This soap is AMAZING ? When my Golden Retriever came back from her walk her were paws stained a black heavy oily substance. I tried to remove it with warm water and approved dog shampoo for three days. I tried three different shampoos but nothing would move the substance. Then my friend gave me a block of Shampoochie hand made dog soap. I tried the soap on the oil based substance and I was completely amazed when it instantly removed the substance. The soap was easy to use, versatile to get between her paws and made soft cream suds that felt gentle and moisturising. I honestly can not believe how brilliant this soap is and I will from now on use nothing else to wash my dogs feet. Her coat was clean and shiny and her pads supple as if I had moisturised them and she had absolutely no reaction to this product whatsoever. I have ordered a block each for our four family dogs so they can all have their own and two to have in stock at home. A brilliant product and much more cost affective than shampoo. Having a rope attached you can have it around your wrist whilst using it and then once rinsed it can be hung up to dry to stay firm and ready to use again.

    • Rather Lather

      What a lovely review! Thank you Helen, we are so happy the soap works so well on your Golden Retriever and so grateful you took the time to review this bar, thank you for your kind words and I hope your families dogs enjoy the shampoo too x

  2. Bethan

    I have used Shampoochie on my French Bulldog cross who suffers with itchy skin with little bumps – it definitely has improved the condition of her skin, and she has noticeably been scratching less! I think the lavender has really soothed her skin. Plus – she smells amazing.

    I also love how well it lathers up – I get can her all sudsy and it rinses out so easily. Will definitely repurchase once i’ve used this bar up!

    • Rather Lather

      Thank you for your lovely review Bethan! So glad it has helped your Frenchie! x

  3. fran HARRIS

    My labradoodle Woody is 10 months old & I am still using Shampoochie when cleaning him . Used it today after a very muddy walk . Even after 10 months this natural soap still does it’s job . It keeps its lather & the natural smell it’s promised . The result after Woody was dry was amazing , can only describe his coat as shiny , fluffy, easy to brush through & smelling naturally clean .
    Definitely recommend Shampoochie which will last you a very long time & is great value for money.

  4. Una Foster

    Who doesn’t love a soap on a rope!
    This is our absolute favourite dog wash and a slither of the price of our usual one! It smells incredible, doesn’t “over sud” so it’s easy to rinse off and leaves them fresh, clean and in a perfect mood for zoomies 😉

    It’s definitely one I’ll be recommending to anyone who will listen x

    • Rather Lather

      Thank you for such a fantastic review Una! x

  5. Lorraine Robinson

    I have a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has suffered with dry, flaky skin. I bought the Shampoochie soap on a rope it is amazing no more dry, flaky skin and his coat looks really shiny and healthy. I would definitely recommend 🐶💙

  6. Deborah Victoria Wilkie

    I bought the sham-poochie shampoo bar. Used it yesterday for the first time on my long haired dog. It’s amazing and is coat his so soft. Will buy again definitely!

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